The New York Times ran a piece about High School admission on Aug 27, 2020 which quoted me saying that the creation of academically strong, and therefore coveted schools, should be “replicated.” And they should! We need to stop the zero sum game of arguing about how to structure admissions to the ever dwindling number of preferred, academically strong schools and CREATE MORE! Bloomberg created five new Specialized High Schools; De Blasio created zero. 

The education reporter refers to the admission priority of the featured school—Eleanor Roosevelt— as a “perk” for the “richest” ignoring the fact the school has only 100 general Ed seats for over 2,600 in -district eligible students—expanding the admission to all 80,000 kids on the grade does not solve any problems! We can and we must create more academically rigorous schools in all the neighborhoods of our city. Children should not face long commutes for a good education and every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

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