Maud participated in a protest Friday against the Mayor and Chancellor’s delay in setting a testing date for the SHSAT test; as well as, for the Gifted & Talented program. Of course, the delay and lack of details have frustrated parents. The protest was organized by PLACE NYC, or Parent-Leaders for Accelerated Curriculum & Education. Maud is on the executive board of the organization.

At the protest were groups for and against the test. And unfortunately many of the protesters ‘against’ were not allowing the ‘for’ group to speak. Maud talks in this clip about the need for civil discourse and debate on the issue.

More images from the event in support of SHSAT

Facts about the test (s)

The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) determines admission to eight high schools, including Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech. About 30,000 students take the test each fall and many this year are facing stressful uncertainty around timing after putting hours into preparing for the test.

And while the mayor and chancellor have been public about not embracing the exam, administering it is the law.
Under state law, a student’s SHSAT score is the sole admission criteria for specialized schools.

With respect to the Gifted & Talented program, parents also worry it is at risk. A similarly charged discussion with no clear conclusion has occurred around that program.