Even in 2020, many of us in New York City have much to be thankful for in our lives. Healthy and happy families being foremost. And being surrounded, as well, by strong and wonderful communities of friends and loved ones. For those that are lucky enough to enjoy a holiday season filled with celebration, joy and plenty; you are likely wondering how you can help others. Well, giving back in lower Manhattan has never been so needed

Of course, sharing good fortune with those in our communities is something that residents are great at doing in good times. And we’ve stepped up in these tough times as well. Below are a list of some of the charitable organizations in downtown Manhattan and the city, in general, that our campaign team supports. If you have anything you can give, whether it is food, money, or time, it would be deeply appreciated. And if you have a charity that you know needs support, please feel free to contact us so we an add the organization to the list.

Food Insecurity

The number of NYC residents facing food insecurity has nearly doubled since the onset of the pandemic, rising to nearly 2.2 million — 25% of the population. Hunger Free NYC has called this the worst hunger situation in modern American history. Donations of either food, money, or time to local soup kitchens and food pantries have taken on an urgency we haven’t seen in decades. Here are a few links to food pantries and other organizations local to district 1.

The Community First Pantry, run by UA3
The Bowery Mission
Vision Urbana

Remote Learning Shortfall

An estimated 60,000 NYC kids currently do not have access to remote learning devices. You can help.  If you have unused smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc., click here to fill out the form to donate your unused devices to a student that needs it.

Toys for Children

Across NYC, thousands of children will wake up on Christmas morning without any presents. While you’re doing your own holiday shopping this year, help us fix this problem. See below to help bring some Christmas joy to kids in need.

Toys for Tots

Domestic Violence

Because of the pandemic, all of us have had to spend more time at home. For most of us, this is just inconvenient. But for some, it is deadly. Since lockdown, there has been a significant surge in cases in domestic violence across NYC and the country. Below are links to some local and icty domestic violence organizations that help women in need.

Womakind is a local organization that helps survivors of gender-based trauma, with deep roots in the Asian community.

The Henry Street Settlement, which, among other things, helps provide housing to victims of domestic violence.

Safe Horizon, an organization that provides social services in 57 locations through all 5 boroughs.

The Urban Resource Institute, an organization that helps provide victims of domestic violence and abuse a safe place to find shelter.

Giving Back to First Responders

Organized by NYC restaurant owner Luca di Pietro, founder of Tarallucci e Vino restaurant group, Feed the Frontlines NYC takes donations and uses them to buy meals from local restaurants for first responders. Many of the affiliated restaurants are in District 1! To give, and help keep New Yorkers “healthy, well fed, and employed,” please check them out.

Finally, many local restaurants and small businesses have started gofundme pages in order to stay open. If you have a favorite local spot, check to see if they could use some extra support.