New Yorkers will now have a common sense alliance of candidates to choose from on June 22. Seven candidates from Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, and Queens have formed the Common Sense Coalition. Maud is joined in this effort by candidates Maria Danzilo, Tony Herbert, Regina Kinsey, Shanequa Moore, Dimple Willabus and Donghui Zang. All have united around concerns that are becoming increasingly central to the upcoming elections, namely: public safety, reopening public schools, and assisting small businesses.

On Wednesday, March 3, the Common Sense Coalition held a press conference at City Hall Park to announce their formation and outline their agenda.

Common Sense Coalition candidates (from L-R)
Tony Herbert – Public Advocate, Citywide / Dr. Donghui Zang – City Council, District 29, Queens / Maud Maron – City Council, District 1, Downtown Manhattan / Shanequa Moore – City Council, District 12, The Bronx / Maria Danzilo – City Council, District 6, Upper West Side, Manhattan / Dimple Willabus – City Council, District 46, Southern Brooklyn

Common Beliefs

Advocacy groups have been highlighting moderate candidates in the local government races. As a result, the seven candidates connected and realized that, despite their different districts and backgrounds, they have a great deal in common. 

✅ Disturbed about rising crime rates and violence, the Common Sense Coalition rejects the proposal to “Defund the Police.” 

✅ Troubled about the impact of prolonged school closures on children, the Common Sense Coalition calls for an immediate and safe reopening of public schools.

✅ Anxious about the economic devastation of our city, the Common Sense Coalition proposes to actively work with State and Federal officials to assist and support small businesses and restaurants.

About the Common Sense Coalition

Maria Danzilo (City Council candidate, District 6, Manhattan) is a 40 year resident of the UWS and a lifelong New Yorker who has spent her career in the private sector protecting the legal rights of artists, creators and publishers. Coming from a family of NYC small business owners, Maria understands that public safety and our economy go hand in hand. “Public safety is vital to the economic, physical, and psychological health of the UWS. We need common sense solutions to revitalize our small businesses, our schools, and our neighborhoods.”

Tony Herbert (Public Advocate candidate, Citywide) is a community leader, a father of four and a lifelong New Yorker who has a long track record of fighting for justice and advocating for those in need. He knows that New Yorkers need safe communities and he is unafraid to speak truth to power on behalf of all New Yorkers who want improved public safety. “As we all speak in unity on a myriad of issues, we are definitely united in our position on public safety here in New York and pledge to work very closely with NYPD and other law enforcement agencies, so as to get New Yorkers to a place of feeling safe once again” stated Tony Herbert.

Regina Kinsey (City Council candidate District 35, Brooklyn) is a lifelong Brooklynite who has devoted over 20 years to advocating for her community and for those who didn’t have a voice. Her mission is to “reverse the nonsensical draconian policies that have harmed, and as of late endangered, everyday New Yorkers. Joining forces with other common sense candidates is the best way to achieve common goals and to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all of our communities.”

Maud Maron (City Council candidate District 1, Manhattan) is a public defender, a mother of four, and an elected parent leader who champions high-quality, integrated public school education for all students. She supports common sense policies to restore clean safe streets and subways, fully open public schools and invest in small businesses. “We need to make sure the NYC we know and love does not slip away. All New Yorkers can get behind common sense policies to build a safer, better, stronger City.”

Shanequa Moore (City Council candidate District 12, The Bronx) is the common sense candidate from The Bronx, is a social worker who knows “what it’s like to fight through the stigmas and barricades of being a black woman.”

Dimple Willabus (City Council candidate District 46, Brooklyn) is a Guyanese-American small business owner, Community Leader, wife and mother of three. “I am driven to achieve tangible and sustainable change for my fellow residents with focus on economic recovery. Additionally, I am running to ensure that the disenfranchised, the foreign-born and the overlooked, all receive the access and opportunities promised to them by virtue of being in our community.” 

Dr. Donghui Zang (City Council candidate, District 29, Queens) is an immigrant who struggled through lean times to become a financial analyst who understands budgets, a father raising two children in the public school system, and an advocate who believes in a safe and prosperous New York City. “I believe in the American dream and that is why I work so hard for a safer City and better education for all children. We need common sense leaders to ensure that our families can prosper and be safe walking down the street. New York City deserves better.”

If elected, the Common Sense Coalition of candidates will be eligible to join the newly formed Common Sense Caucus in the City Council.

The Common Sense Coalition of candidates have a united vision to move forward with a safer and stronger NYC. We share common sense policies that resonate with all New Yorkers. @maudmaron @DimpleWillabus @Maria4Dist6 @ShanequaEMoore @TonyHerbert @donghui4nyc @KinseyRee

A United Vision

Improve Public Safety

We call for policies that maintain and expand Public Safety so that all New Yorkers can enjoy and rely on clean, safe streets and public transportation. We seek to actively cooperate with law enforcement to combat hate crimes and stem the rise of violence in our city. As NYC elected officials, we will support the expansion of services for the mentally ill who face high rates of homelessness; youth programs to combat stress, depression, and suicide risks; and senior programming to thwart isolation and loneliness due to Covid-19. 

Expand Educational Opportunities for All Children

We insist that all NYC public school children have access to engaging and challenging education that provides a pathway for future success. Common sense prescribes that we expand successful schools and rework struggling schools. We urge that public schools reopen safely five days a week for families who want or need full time school. 

Support Small Businesses

We must support small businesses so they can thrive and return stronger than before. As businesses reopen we must make sure they have the financial and community support to be successful. We will work with State and Federal officials to make sure NYC businesses can access aid critical to rebuilding our City’s economy. We need to reduce taxes, eliminate unnecessary regulations and overly punitive fines and resume subway service 24 hours a day for evening and early morning work shifts.

For more information about the Common Sense Coalition, connect with us.