Have you heard the story of Thompson Chemists? Well there are two stories of this 25-year-old local institution…

Thompson Chemists in the Community

The first is a glowing 2018 profile in the New York Times telling the tale of a local shop that gave discounts to local artists, hosted musicians and handed out cold drinks to the FedEx delivery person. For 25 years owners, Gary & Jolie, have been beloved members of their community. And have never had a complaint to the contrary.

Today candidate for city council Maud Maron visited Thompson Chemists to help tell the story of the unfair fine levied against them.

Thompson Chemists & City Bureaucracy

But the second story is how city officials decided that Gary and Jolie were overcharging customers for Covid essentials. At a time when obviously certain hard-to-manufacture items were at a premium. And to defend themselves and appeal the decision they would need to raise more than $18,000…first.

Thankfully the community stepped up with a GoFundMe that raised enough for Thompson Chemists to cover the fine in just two days.

Save Our Small Businesses

We can’t unfairly burden our small businesses at a time when they are barely surviving. Gary and Jolie were made to pay a large fine BEFORE they could even show the wholesaler invoices. Invoices which would prove they were not overcharging customers. And if it weren’t for the loyal customers who raised enough money to cover the fine, Thompson Chemists might not have survived. Many (if not most) of our smallest businesses could not afford to pay a fine first. And shouldn’t have to outlay thousands without first arguing their case.

Maud Joins Thompson Chemists for Facebook Live Event

So, today Maud joined Gary, Jolie, neighbors, local artist and musicians show their support. We need to use common sense in how the city conducts ‘business as normal’ at this difficult time. Maud is running as a common-sense candidate for exactly this reason. If we don’t apply sensible solutions the large and sweeping problems of a pandemic….our city will never recover.

See more about Thompson Chemists, their story, the musicians who play in their shop and more on the Facebook Livestream here.