Maud began her career working for the New York Department of Parks & Recreation. Specifically, for the Randall’s Island Park Alliance. She loved working for Parks and learned a lot about conservation efforts, effective urban planning and protecting our green spaces during her time there. And our larger team are also passionate about parks and green space in the city.

We can’t take our parks for granted—especially in lower Manhattan. In honor of Earth Day, we asked Downtowners how they spend time in parks, what they want more of and what their favorite parks are. Below are just a handful of the great responses we received and a visual with some additional results…

Which Park is Your Favorite?

“JJ Walker – open space for kids to run around.”

“East River Park.  It’s the closest park to where I live.  It’s really the only outdoor area within walking distance.  It’s been the only place I can safely socialize during Covid.  I also play tennis there.”

“Hudson River Park is my favorite because of the variety of activities it offers.”

“Washington Market Park, Pier 25 and 26, Rockefeller park…These parks are great for families, and allow for activities as a family (picnics, biking, walking, sports…)”

“City Hall park in downtown Manhattan. It’s the closest park to me and features a wide range of plants and trees as well as having a long history in one of the oldest areas of Manhattan.”

“Rockefeller Park, BPC turf fields because they are scenic and kids can play sports on the turf fields. There are always plenty of children playing in the parks so it’s a great social atmosphere and the children love it.”

“East River Park because it is the closest park to me where there is grass lawn I can sit on. I find the water and sky views simply healing. It is the one place I can go in my neighborhood where I can put a little physical distance between myself and other people and enjoy being out of doors.”

“Battery Park City west side esplanade – such a beautiful place to walk my dog and soak up the Hudson.”