How to Vote: November 2

Do you feel safer?

Or that the streets are cleaner?

Are you happy with our public schools?

Or the city support for small businesses?

A ‘one party’ city means a small minority of voters often decide a race if all voters don’t vote in the general election. In fact, less than 10% of all downtown voters decided on the Democratic primary candidate. Is that a mandate? No. That’s why we need choice. And we need to vote.


Why Indepedent?

Maud is running as an Independent Candidate (unaffiliated with any political party) because she feels that a reasonable, common-sense voice that speaks for the community is what is needed right now in New York City.


Register for any party (or none) but the deadline to register at all is October 8 so be sure to register by the deadline.


Early voting will take place from October 23 – October 31, 2021. We will post updates as location details are announced.


Don’t forget that this Summer’s election was just the primary. There are options from Mayor to City Council.


Maud has been fighting for common-sense policies and in support of those who speak up about NYC life. Read her story…