Maud Maron for City Council

I’m a mom, a public defender, an elected Community Education Council (CEC) Member and a New Yorker. And I’m running for City Council to represent Lower Manhattan because we need strong, bold leadership, now more than ever. 

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A Defender

I have years of experience advocating for my clients as a public defender and advocating for NYC public school children as a Community Education Council member. I know how to stand up for others and make sure their voices are heard; their rights are protected; and their needs are met. We need leadership that is honest; we need integrity from our elected officials; and we need to believe in our city and fight for the neighborhoods that we know and love.

A Reformer

We need police reform, criminal justice reform, more open space, affordable housing, schools that encourage our children to reach their full potential and real community control over development decisions that impact our communities and our lives. Our Downtown Manhattan communities are all distinct and special in their own way. But all are united in a desire to have a say in what reforms are needed in each community.

A Fighter

New York has faced tough times before. We know how to stand together and work together, in order to recover together. The small businesses, parks, restaurants, and vibrant local stores which make all our many neighborhoods unique and special are all worth fighting for. Now is the time to fight this fight for the city we love, the city we need, and the city we want.

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