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Focus on the important issues affecting the lives of our residents, including:

Parks & Green Space

  • Protect existing parks and open spaces 
  • Develop neighborhood-driven resiliency for our shorelines 
  • Improve maintenance and infrastructure at Pier 40, Sara Roosevelt Park, Murry Bergtraum and all downtown parks
  • Invest in innovative design and creation of more sports fields to meet downtown demand

Pandemic Recovery

  • Support small businesses because they are:
  • Coordinate Federal, State and City assistance for small business recovery
    • Provide zero or low interest loans to businesses impacted by Covid-19 restrictions
    • Give Commercial Rent Tax (CRT) relief to small & medium sized businesses
    • Support State legislation to remove pandemic Insurance loopholes
    • Encourage passage of Federal legislation such as RESTART Act (S. 3814/H.R. 7481) and the Save Our Stages Act (S. 4258) to support theaters which are Phase 5 businesses
  • Reopen commercial spaces downtown—eateries/retail in FiDi depend on office workers
  • Prioritize relief to small businesses in Chinatown, Little Italy and LES that rely on tourism as much as locals
  • Demand preservation of historic neighborhoods and buildings like 70 Mulberry Street
  • Protect union jobs


  • Develop more affordable housing
  • Insist on community input 
  • Protect seniors from eviction 
  • Support preservation of historic downtown neighborhoods


  • Raise academic standards in public education; Just 50% of NYC kids read and do math at grade level—we must do better
  • Increase opportunity, hope for all
  • Expand access to high quality education by adding more G&T programs, more honors classes, and keeping the SHSAT
  • Create more diverse elementary, middle and high schools
  • Ensure schools have critical PPE and nurses on-site to open and stay open 


  • Provide clean, safe, and affordable mass transit services for all New Yorkers—critical to pandemic recovery
  • Make street crossings safer and reduce traffic

Good Governance

  • Uphold the Open Meetings Law
  • Demand transparent decision-making in government
  • Stop abuse of power and corruption

Public Safety & Criminal Justice Reform

  • Protect communities from hate crimes and prejudice
  • Maintain safe streets and neighborhoods
  • Reject DeBlasio’s $8.7 billion new jail scheme 
  • Police and prosecutor reforms to address bias in law enforcement and prosecution
  • Reduce incarceration with treatment, not jail for nonviolent offenders

Protect Vulnerable Communities

  • Prioritize accessibility, assistance and infrastructure upgrades for our disabled residents, senior citizens and veterans
    • Ensure transportation and buildings are updated for accessibility, including clearer signage and more escalators
    • Support programs that provide employment opportunities
    • Work with our vulnerable communities in addressing their uniques needs and challenges in achieving pandemic recovery