Vote Maud Maron

Early Voting Guide

June 12 – June 20

✅ Rank Maud Maron #1 for City Council, District 1 & tell your friends!

Check your early voting location here (it may be different than on Primary Day).

✅ Pencil in a day & time to vote early:

✅ Create your slate for all races. We recommend these guides if you still have research to do: PLACE NYC / INFORMNYC

✅ Print out a sample ballot (click here)

✅ Understand the impact of Ranked Choice Voting. This video was created by Professor Amelie Marian…

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Early Voting begins! Vote for Maud Maron #1 in City Council District 1 & See Tips and Information on Early Voting in NYC: https://maudmaron.nyc/voters-guide-2021-primary